The leader in the Global iGaming industry, SIGMA, has successfully gathered the most important companies in the industry within the framework of the Malta Gaming Summit, as well as exhibitors, conferences and workshops where SAGSE was honored to have been invited to speak about the remarkable progress in online gaming regulation made by the Province of Buenos Aires.

Argentina, through the Province of Buenos Aires, has finally managed to legislate the online gaming by putting the industry within a regulatory framework which, in turn, will help put protectionist limits to the citizens supporting online sports entertainment, minimizing the risk of addiction (compulsive gambling) by controlling the evolution of the market for the benefit of social welfare and education.

Once more, SAGSE is in line with market evolution and its next edition will be a perfect opportunity for networking and the creation of commercial relationships. The integration of online games, sport bets and live games is increasingly necessary, as well as paying attention to the different categories, taking into account the age group factor and the need for experiences.

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