Al Capone hits €1,000.000 bets in less than 10 days of its launch

Slotmotion which forms part of iGP Group released its first slot game Al Capone on the first of April. Launching its first promotion on the 15th April, Al Capone superseded everyone’s expectations, after reaching €1,000.000 bets in less than 10 days of its launch.

The highly themed game is currently live with different operators in different countries. Al Capone’s despicable design were done to make slot players re-live the prohibition era by hooking up with the legendary Chicago outfit ganster. The Al Capone slot includes different symbols from Al Capone to the smoking gun, cigar boxes, the famous twinkling moonshine bottles and without any doubt glamorous women.

In his announcement, Slotmotion CEO Giovanni Paticchio said that “we never expected this sudden success in such a short time. What I can say is that there’s a lot of hard work behind Al Capone. The story board and graphics are full of meticulous details because we want players to truly live that era.”

“Our plan is to expand our operations so that players from different countries can learn about Al Capone’s story through this slot. This is not just any slot, but it’s a slot with a story, and that’s what makes it different,” added Paticchio

Project Manager Raffaele Rampini, responsible for the launch of Slotmotion added that “launching Al Capone was no easy road because we wanted to have an over the top product offering good bonuses to players. We focused on the players journey and chose every element with thought, including the music.”

In his final remarks, Paticchio said that Slotmotion is looking forward to launch around 20 games to launch till the end of the year. Slotmotion is dedicated to upkeep the quality of every game launched.

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