The European Lotteries Association pleads for the rapid implementation of the key provisions of the Macolin Convention to better safeguard the integrity of sports and especially to fight against match fixing.

After 18 months of intensive work, the Council of Europe (CoE) along with its Partners concluded on June 16 in Strasbourg the project “Keep Crime out of Sport” (KCOOS). The European Lotteries Association was a key partner in this project. The KCOOS project had the objective to support states in implementing the key provisions of the Macolin Convention, notably the setting up of national platforms, the sharing of information among key stakeholders, the development of education and prevention initiatives.

EL Secretary General, Arjan van’t Veer, states: “We are proud to have actively contributed to such a far-reaching project, as the KCOOS, which is today concluding. The Macolin Convention is the most elaborate tool against match-fixing world-wide and we hope that it will soon enter into force. Even before its official entry into force, however, it is vital that states start implementing some key provisions, such as the development of national platforms, sharing of information, and measures against illegal sports betting. The KCOOS has been of great assistance in this regard. We also welcome the key points of convergence of the 4 projects, especially the urge for the entry into force of the Convention, the call for fight against illegal betting and the call for further information to competent Ministries. We recall of course that fight against negative phenomena in sport is also a question of establishing strong values, especially among young athletes, which will reinforce in a sustainable way the credibility and social value of sport”

Beyond the KCOOS project, 3 more relevant projects also concluded today: the PreCrimeBet project, focusing on criminal infiltrations in sports betting, highlighting the risks linked to illegal sports betting, the BetMonitAlert project, which provides some technical recommendations about the monitoring alerts and reports, also welcoming the work of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) and the Italian Anti-Match-Fixing Formula which sought to coordinate a protected reporting system. All 4 project issued key points of convergence, urging for the quick entry into force of the CoE Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions.


The text of the Council of Europe Convention of the manipulation of Sport Competitions can be accessed here

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  • The key points of convergence of the KCOOS, PreCrimBet, BetMonitAlert, Anti-Match-Fixing Formula. project can be accessed here
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