In the framework of its strategic partnership with the Sports Betting Community (SBC), GLMS partnered with the SBC Digital Summit to introduce to the audience the Lottery Day. Working together with other stakeholders in the betting sector, the Lottery Day was sponsored by Golden Race, with GLMS as the main partner. The keynote speech launching the day was delivered by GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi, who introduced the individual sessions and presented GLMS’ vision and mission and its strategic approach to fight sports corruption worldwide.

Ludovico highlighted GLMS’ global multi-stakeholder approach and integrity hubs reaching across the globe. He also focused on the challenges faced and the actions taken by lotteries during these unprecedented times while our health and safety have become our greatest concern.

Industry leaders, who are GLMS’ members are also present as speakers, including Gilles Maillet from La Francaise des Jeux, Rupert Bollingbroke from Hong Kong Jockey Club, Jens Nielsen from Danske Spil, Sami Kauhanen from Veikkaus (Finnish Lottery), Marko Stokuca from Hrvatska Lutrija (Croatian Lottery) and Arno de Jong  from Nederlandse Loterij. GLMS and member representatives will be actively participating in various panels, including the implications of COVID-19 on sporting integrity, how lotteries are adapting to the outbreak and post-Coronavirus positioning.

In his opening keynote, GLMS President described a number of possible effective responses to the crisis that may be taken or have already been implemented by lotteries and gaming organizations, including essential actions to safeguard the care and safety of employees such as their physical and psychological well-being. He further talked about business continuity and how the gaming industry had to review organizational processes to quickly adapt existing process and re-allocate available resources to meet new challenges. Effective and comprehensive communications strategy has turned out to be paramount in the way organizations have been able to engage employees, partners and public institutions.

Gaming companies have also reacted quickly to optimize their costs to align to a new and completely unexpected market realities while safeguarding profitability and cash flow levels. Financial sustainability is also been guaranteed by the undertaking of governments tax relief in the form of changes to tax rates or deferring tax payments to later dates as well as direct financial support from various governments in the form of loans or grants.

Ludovico also presented a post-crisis outlook for successful gaming companies, touching on key engagement of human resource competencies, financial stability, the evolution of living services, rapid and measurable delivery, automated digital processes and data driven artificial intelligence.

About the event, the GLMS President commented, “​In this moment of unparalleled crisis, events such as this innovative digital summit organized by our strategic partner, SBC, are a great opportunity to discuss very strategic issues affecting the betting and gaming industry with prominent industry leaders.  The absence of sport competitions worldwide have created a window of opportunities for fraudsters and criminal organizations determined to manipulate residual sport competitions across the globe. GLMS Integrity Hubs together with members and partners have never been so busy as in the last 2 months in fighting the phenomena of ghost matches and match fixing”.

The Lottery Day of the summit falls in the middle of a five day digital event that saw over 10,000 attendees, 140 speakers and over 4000 lotteries, private operators and suppliers.
A full agenda of the event can be found here