Almost half of social network users and at least one third of all Internet users gamble. Profits of social gambling global market will soon exceed $ 8.5 billion. Games for tablets, smartphones and consoles are a dynamic and very promising area where technologies grow by leaps and bounds .

At the same time, Social & Mobile Gambling Conference is still the only one in the CIS industry event for iGaming representatives. In 2016, it will bring together participants for the third time and will be held in the framework of Russian Gaming Week on June 2 in Moscow.
Smile-Expo, an organizer of the event, has decided to combine these two events in order to enhance the effect of their visiting and as clearly as possible to outline the prospects of the Russian gambling industry.
What are we going to discuss?
Despite the fact that SMG-2016 will be held in the framework of Russian Gaming Week, we will expand the list of questions. The attention will be given to the following traditional and emerging themes:
promotion and popularization of online games;
features of multi-platform software creation;
conversion and monetization;
trends and forecasts;
trends in markets of Europe and the USA?
legislative rules governing the industry;
search for partners and contractors;
how to be unique in a crowded market.
What are the benefits of attending the conference?
business representatives will learn about new solutions and trends in iGaming, find contractors and partners, as well as get answers to questions about the laws and regulations governing the industry;
authors of start-ups and beginning businessmen will understand how to start business and what mistakes should be avoided;
software developers will find clients and investors;
managers and marketers will improve their skills in player attraction increasing their loyalty, as well as learn new tools for bringing the product in the top of the user preferences.
Social & Mobile Gambling Conference is a rare chance to learn just in a few hours that your competitors have been learning over the years, and most importantly, it is a powerful tool for increasing profits. Do not miss !