Real estate purchase, investments in the business, sports betting, all this will be perform through smart contracts without intermediaries, notaries and registration authorities.

A smart contract is one of the most promising areas based on blockchain. This is a computer protocol allowing you to simplify and automate any contracts /deals /agreements.

The parties to the contract can stipulate any conditions, the performance of which is guaranteed by the network. Thus, a smart contract will become an autonomous mechanism, which will be in charge of financial agreements.

The speaker of Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague Andrey Zamovsky will tell more about smart contracts and innovation of this technology.

The topic of his report is “Smart contracts as a revolutionary rejection of intermediaries in the financial sector.”

Andrey Zamovsky is a founder of Amsafe platform. He has been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2010. He has founded several projects related to the development of Bitcoin.

Learn more about the technology that will facilitate transactions becoming a public notary without queues and fees.

We are waiting for you at Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016.

The event starts on 19 May.

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