In a first of its kind event held in Dubai, Eventus International will be hosting the International Lottery Play Summit 2020. The summit will take place from 26 to 27 February 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Dubai.

The event will focus on four major elements in lottery business including Regulatory Development, Corporate Social Responsibility approach around the world, Technology Innovations and Marketing Strategies in Lottery.

Eventus International is proud to introduce speaker, Frank Herold, Director at 5th Consulting.

Frank Herold is the director of 5th Consulting and joined the Management Board of EMIRAT AG in 2018 and is responsible for Business Development. Before that Frank worked as Managing Director and Sales Director for several global and local media companies.

Eventus International: Why is the International Lottery Play Summit important and why are you supporting this year’s event?

Frank: Well, the question is easy to answer because it’s a perfect fit! Our company 5TH Consulting DMCC has a strong expertise not only in the lottery business and gaming but also with marketing promotion insurance in the UAE. We are growing strongly in Dubai and expanding our network, for which ILPS is perfect! It is also important to focus on (potential) clients in that growing region where you can often hear claims like “the sky’s the limit”. So we are very happy to be part of that business and also love to share our expertise about how to grow sustainable business there.

Eventus International: What do you look forward to gaining from the International Lottery Play Summit, Dubai in February next year?

Frank: The first goal is to get to know people and share valuable experience with them. What are their needs and how can we support in growing business in that region. For sure the Lottery Play Summit will attract experts from several countries. We have the opportunity to bring them with consulting and our customised services to the next level of success.

Eventus International: What do you see as the main challenges currently facing the lottery industry

Frank: It’s all about trust and security. As an operator, you need to make sure that this stays in your main focus and that your clients can rely on you. Why should people play lotto if they do not trust you?

The second challenge is that you need to fulfill all legal requirements of local gaming and lottery boards. That sounds easy but in fact, it’s not because in every country you need to make sure that you can grow your business sustainably. 5th Consulting DMCC helps you here also with all the experience we made in several years.

Eventus International: What is your proudest achievement to date, how has that impacted your business and the industry

Frank: We support many operators around the globe. With our expertise and knowledge of our strong team we are proud that we have so many long term relationships with successful operators. If we see them grow that makes us happy. Some operators go with us to different markets and some others work with us on several products beside lotteries. Additional to that we are also proud to see how well established our self-created software solutions are in the market. With that, we reduce workload and bring trust into the lottery industry.

Eventus International: How do you think delegates will benefit from attending the International Lottery Play Summit 2020, in Dubai?

Frank: You generally benefit first and foremost in terms of your network. I am really looking forward to that conference as there will be excellent speakers. Besides talking to decision-makers in person it’s about trust and sharing needs and best practices as well. I am absolutely convinced that delegates and speakers will join from many different markets to share their experience. These will not only be operators but also people from gambling boards, payment providers and suppliers as well. So delegates will benefit on many sides.

Join Frank Herold, and many other international professionals at the International Lottery Play Summit 2020 in Dubai. Register your attendance now and benefit from hearing these top-notch industry speakers share their knowledge.

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