With gaming recognised as one of the earliest adopters of new technology, Mat Ingram, previously with Inspired and now Chief Product Officer at multi-channel gaming company, Reflex, believes that ICE has earned a reputation as the mecca for gaming’s technology gurus.

Expanding on his theme, Mat Ingram said: “From the beginning of my career in the industry some 20 years ago, ICE has inspired me. I always ensure my creative teams are there in force because just the very presence of so much product design in one place is hugely inspirational, creatively speaking. Often my designers will take their creative cues from entirely different areas of gaming to use in the markets in which we are active, which is why I think it’s vital that ICE continues to represent the entire gaming ecosystem and not just the game suppliers.”

He added: “There are other shows that focus on online and mobile and of course, there are many shows that are all about land-based gaming, but very few really approach gaming as holistically as ICE and it’s a great thing to experience and something that makes me enormously proud just to walk around the exhibition. For those three days in February, London becomes the capital of gaming technology and for that reason alone it simply can’t be missed by anyone who is serious about the business.”

Turning his attention to what he believes will be the stand out technology trends at ICE 2017, he added: “I imagine that more and more game suppliers will be showcasing their ‘omni-channel’ approach and those that have powerful platforms will be able to do this most effectively. The incredible physical game innovation that has always come out of the US casino suppliers is a little challenged by the technology involved in providing omni-channel content, so it’s going to be interesting to see how this will be tackled. I also think ICE will see more innovation around the use of networked gaming, both in land-based machines and online. Whatever the dominant trends are, there’s absolutely no doubt they will be showcased at ICE.”

Reflex Gaming will be demonstrating its prowess in omni-channel gaming from stand S8-110 at ICE Totally Gaming.