The popular ‘Food for Thought’ lunch will be returning on the second day of the 2016 iGaming North America Conference. The lunch provides delegates with the opportunity to network with likeminded people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each table at the lunch will have a designated topic and will be mentored by one of the industry’s key influencers. The lunch is a simple networking opportunity where delegates can seek out others with an interest in a specific topic to share information or debate the key issues. Delegates are able to pre-register their interest in a topic prior to the event and guarantee their space using the Presdo Match networking tool.

Sue Schneider, Founder of said “The ‘Food for Thought’ lunch is a unique way in which the iGaming North America delegates are able to share ideas. It’s a simple approach putting like-minded people together to discuss the key concerns of the industry. If you have been involved in our “Food for Thought” lunches at previous shows then you will know how beneficial they can be. If you haven’t been before then I encourage you to sign up and contribute to some of the North American igaming industry’s most exciting conversations.”

We are pleased to announce the following topics and mentors who will be involved with the “Food for Thought” lunch at iGaming North America 2016:

Advocacy – Mentor: Sue Schneider,
Lotteries – Mentor: Kurt Freedlund, LottoInteractive Inc.
Social Gaming – Mentor: Paul Girvan, The Innovation Group
Tribal Economic Diversification – Mentor: Michael Soll, The Innovation Group
Marketing – Mentor: Kevin Mercuri, Propheta Communications
Fantasy Sports – Mentor: TBC
eSports – Mentor: Hai Ng, Neomancer LLC

The “Food for Thought” lunch takes place on day two of iGNA 2016 (6th April 2016) at 12:45 on the mezzanine. Attendees can pre-register interest in a topic using the Presdo Match networking tool.

The iGaming North America Conference will take place on the 5th – 7th April 2016 and is the premier networking and educational event based around the convergence of land based and online gambling.

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