As Director of International Business Development for Embed, and with an extensive career in the out-of-home entertainment sector, Andrea Bisi enjoys an international perspective on cashless systems in the FEC environment, and a deep understanding of the investment protection and marketing opportunities they can bring.

Embed is a subsidiary of the multinational entertainment group Helix Leisure, a provider of technology-driven products and services that result in a fantastic on-site consumer experience.
Embed is a market leading supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement and entertainment industries, delivering a suite of applications designed to manage all areas of any out-of-home entertainment environment. The focus is on revenue enhancement through the use of data capture, cashless payment systems, point-of-sale solutions, value-added packages, redemption management and guest loyalty programmes.

Andrea Bisi will present the cashless system as an all-in-one solution with huge benefits, both for the operator and for the guest. Attendees will learn of the role that an integrated system can play in cost reduction, and also in unlocking marketing benefits including increased customer spend and encouraging re-visits The session will close with advice on choosing a system and what to look for in a supplier.

The Seminar, entitled Cashless Systems in the FEC; Investment Protection and Marketing Opportunities, will take place at 3.00pm on Wednesday18th January in Seminar Room 2 which is conveniently situated adjacent to the show floor.

All EAG and VAE seminars are free to enter and open to all of the shows’ participants.