Following the development trend of Asia game and amusement market and in order to build a trading platform for insiders entering into the Asia market and obtain more business opportunities, China (Guangzhou) Int’l Game & Amusement Exhibition (CIAE) and China Guangzhou Int’l Theme Parks & Attractions Industry Exhibition(TPAE) will be upgraded and integrated as Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo(AAA2016).

CIAE 2016 + TPAE 2016 will welcome beakthrough and leap in 2016. The scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors.

Totally 80,000 sqm will be planned in 2016. Each hall is about 10,000sqm.

Hall 1.1-5.1 is for CIAE Game & Amusement Exhibition 2016

Hall 6.1 is for TPAE 2016 Theme Parks & Attractions Exhibition

Hall 7.1 is for VMF2016& GTCFF 2016 Vending Machine Exhibition and Theater&Cinema Fair

Hall 8.1 is for GBE 2016 Billiards Exhibition

Overseas brands continue to participate in such as: Namco, Suzo-Happ, Semnox, Waversurfer, TUV, etc. And more and more are joining. AAA will always welcome you.

CIAE 2016 + TPAE 2016 were highly praised and supported by the whole industry. Since the committee sends the news that two nights free accommodations will be provided for overseas professionals, 45% of the planned rooms have been booked out until Jan.4th. Please take the great chance to participate in.

Also 4th phase of Theme Park Construction Seminar 2016 and Asia Theme Park Cooperation & Development Forum will be held concurrently. Experts from Disneyland, Universal Studios, Chimelong and so on at home and abroad will give excellent speeches.