Industry members who have worked tirelessly for good causes in 2016 will be celebrated at EAG International and VAE. The event, the first of its kind, will take place during the Veterans’ Brunch on the final day of the show.

Organiser Karen Cooke explains: “The idea came out of a discussion with Coin-Op Community, which reports regularly on industry fundraising initiatives from up and down the country. Despite having busy schedules, there are many within our industry who work tirelessly to help others and we feel that it is only right that their efforts are recognised. Coin-Op Community’s Steph Norbury has drawn up a detailed list of fundraising activities but there may be some we haven’t heard about so anyone wishing to make a nomination should contact Steph.”

The event will be held at 11.30 in Seminar Room 2 on Thursday 19th January, during the Veterans’ Brunch. Entry is open to all, but those planning to attend are requested to confirm with Coin-Op Community’s Steph Norbury at [email protected]