The organizers of CEEGC2017 are honored to announce Dan Iliovici(President of the National Gambling Office)as keynote speakers at the second edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference. An event which is going to take place between 19-20 September at the Kempinski Corvinus Budapest.

2017 has been a year of changes and future project setting in the regulated gambling market of Romania. Ms. Odeta Nestor has been replaced by Mr. Dan Iliovici at the Head of the Romanian National Office for Gambling and it seems that the Romanian market is still in climb with more and more operators and vendors approaching the market.

During a recent interview in Issue 6 of EEGReport Magazine, the team has asked Mr. Iliovici about what are the major projects that he would like to implement as the President of the Romanian National Gambling Office?

Mr Iliovici has replied the following: “Together with all my colleagues from the National Gambling Office (NGO), we aim to build new stages of performance which will sustain the industry at the level it has reached and why not, even raise the bar higher. This way we assure the predictability on the long run for both sides of the industry: the operators and the players. We would like to make sure that the Romanian gambling industry can provide a safe business environment which is stable and transparent.

We have also set ourselves to reduce the bureaucracy, and one of the first steps will be the use of an efficient IT infrastructure and an information sharing. We would like to make the information much more accessible for the industry and for everyone involved (operators, players, the public and mainstream media). We must, and I strongly believe in this, become a example for an efficient and modern interaction with all stakeholders of our industry.

One of the most important projects is the establishment of the foundation for a socially responsible gaming. From the beginnings of my activity in the gambling industry I was extremely involved in assistance of the problem gamblers as well as on the prevention and education of the risks associated with gambling. This program will benefit from all the power and authority of the institution I represent.”

The Romania market will be discussed during the Eastern European panel, which is titled as “The growth of regulated markets in the Eastern European region” and scheduled to be held between 11:00 – 12:00 AM (Budapest Local Time) on the 19th of September (Day 1) during the second edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest.

“Recent updates and future plans of the Romanian Gambling market” is the title of Dan Iliovici’s presentation and the topic is awaited by numerous operators that have shown their interest to attending the event.