Fantasy Sports are an extremely fashionable and profitable trend in online gaming. Being free of the legislative regulation, today this market is estimated to cost billions of dollars; moreover, it opens up new prospects for business in the CIS. Opportunities provided by the fantasy sports will be discussed at Armenian Gaming Forum, which will take place on November 19 in Yerevan .
What do fantasy sports mean?
Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) involve a competition of virtual teams. It works like this: an online player has a team for example, football. Every player has a real prototype and gets points for useful actions performed in a real game: goal, scoring pass, etc. Thus, the virtual team’s scores are added together and its manager competes with other participants.
Today fantasy sports are booming. It can be compared only with the development of online poker in the early 2000s.
Is it profitable?
Those who are not yet aware of this trend will be surprised: the world-fantasy sports market is estimated at $ 4 billion (as of 2014). Only FanDuel, which is considered to be a leading website in this direction, has paid more than $ 300 million of winnings. A typical fantasy football player is not a pupil or student, but it is a man with permanent job and higher education. That is why the emerging market offers great opportunities to make a profit.
What are the advantages of fantasy sports?
The major advantage of this direction lies in the fact that it exists only online and is not the subject to legislative restrictions.
Fantasy Sports:
do not have the stigma of gambling game; this direction was and remains legal;
are not regulated (and therefore are not prohibited) by law and are not taxable;
are interesting for those who are interested in sports;
are a young industry with enormous potential.
Moreover, in contrast to North America countries, where DFS have already revealed their potential, this business is only starting to develop in the CIS being opened to investments.
The special guests of Armenian Gaming Forum, which will take place on November 19 in Yerevan, will reveal more information about the prospects offered by the fantasy sports market in Eastern Europe. The program involves the presentation of a new product by one of the DFS market participants.
The event organizer Smile-Expo has invited representatives of the legislative branch to participate in a dialogue as they influence the regulation of gaming in the country. Any participant of the forum will be able to ask about their position concerning the fantasy sports and online gambling in general.
In addition, the conference program includes reports by speakers from Europe and the CIS, the demo area with the novelties from manufacturers of equipment and software, as well as business tour to the casinos in Armenia.
Learn more about the event and we are waiting for you on November 19 in Yerevan!
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