A first of its kind ever in Dubai, the AI In Gaming 2020 summit will take place on 26 and 27 February at Crowne Plaza Dubai.

Eventus International is proud to introduce keynote speaker, Salman Saleem, digital specialist at Cloudways and contributing author to various publications.

Salman Saleem is a software engineering graduate and digital marketer by profession. He works as a Digital Marketer Strategist at Cloudways. He loves to create value for the Startup community & help entrepreneurs reach their goal. He writes articles for multiple publications in his free time.

Salman Saleem shared his views on AI, Blockchain and the upcoming AI In Gaming 2020 summit in Dubai with the Eventus International team.

Where did your interest in artificial intelligence and blockchain originate from?

First, a bit about my background: I am a software engineer by training and have worked n several mobile and cloud applications.

One of my projects was an AI-driven bot that could help users set up follow-ups with the user contacts. I was later hired as a software engineer where I worked with AI APIs such as Google’s Tensor Flow (Machine Learning API) and IBM Watson NLP.

The BitCoin hype was high right around that point, and I decided to explore cryptocurrency which connected the dots to blockchain technology. I learned how to code a blockchain app and later started using the AWS APIs for Blockchain. I then worked as a product manager for a startup that offered better opportunities for exploring AI & Blockchain in depth.

In your career as a digital marketing specialist, how do you see artificial intelligence playing a role in the future?

Working as a digital marketing specialist enabled me to showcase my knowledge to the interested audience.

When it comes to applying artificial intelligence in marketing, I have written a detailed blog titled ‘ Marketing Targets Achieved with the Help of Artificial Intelligence’ which states:

“AI in marketing has made predictive targeting of advertisement more proficient. When applied to programmatic advertising, artificial intelligence in marketing can standardise things like the best time of the day to run an ad or the probability of an impression converting into a sale.”

Moreover, the predictive analysis of sales is another prediction-based AI tactic. Working with the previous sales data, AI can make industry-wide comparisons to forecast sales trends for your business and industry. It can also help in making informed decisions at crucial times and help predict short or long-term consequences of your actions.

AI in transportation will benefit in the prevention of road accidents since injecting AI in self-driving cars will enable predictive learning of the road conditions and thus the cars could predict and avoid failure even before they occur

AI in Photoshop can help users in enhancing portions of a picture in less than 20 milliseconds.

AI in healthcare can help in diagnosing symptoms via intelligent emergency triage.

Google’s DeepMind machine to diagnose diseases of the eye.

AI in the finance sector can analyse vast amounts of financial data to make predictive decisions in areas like the stock market.

Tell us more about Cloudways, the company you work for? What sets it apart from other hosting platforms?

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform for all PHP powered apps. From day one, the idea behind the platform was to provide users with choice, flexibility, and peace of mind so that they can keep their attention on managing their business operations.

We offer a choice of provisioning managed cloud servers on top of AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. Our users can deploy a host of PHP powered applications (the top three at the moment are: WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce). Once the server is up and running, the users can control almost all aspects of the server through a simple control panel that takes away all the complications of managing cloud servers.

Our emphasis on providing value to the users is our major USP. From the first launch to the day-to-day operations we make sure that the server layer becomes “invisible” to the users.

During our AI In Gaming 2020 summit in Dubai you will be speaking on why artificial intelligence needs to breathe on Blockchain. This is also the title of a great article you published on Medium. How do you think gaming operators will benefit from this presentation?

Through my talk, attendees would understand:

  1. How AI can revolutionize the gaming industry

  2. How Blockchain can help in eliminating hackers/cheaters from hacking achievement or cheating in live games with easy play.

  3. How AI, if injected in gaming, can help in a real-world scenario like building war strategy from playing games

  4. AI learning from First-person shooter (FPS) mode and where the future leads

What do you look forward to gaining from at AI In Gaming 2020, Dubai in February next year?

I look forward to gaining valuable experience and sharing my knowledge in the field with the attendees.

Eventus: How do you think delegates will benefit from attending AI In Gaming 2020 in Dubai?

I think delegates would extract two important benefits from the event:

Since AI is already a phenomenon in real life, it would be interesting to learn about new use cases of the technology for game developers and all stakeholders.

Secondly, the connection of AI, Blockchain and the game development processes are still in infancy and the delegates would benefit from the ideas that can be deployed in the business end products, independently of the platform and dev workflows.

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