All Unis games should be available for sale end of December. Unis are in test phase already on some products.


This is the first game to market that is a Hybrid VR. Ultra Moto VR has been developed in partnership with IGS, one of the leading Asian developers. Ultra Moto VR can be played with or without VR headsets. Players can decide mid-game to remove a headset and set in the cradle and continue racing their partner in 2D rather than 3D. There are 8 different tracks and each track has 3 different race environments which makes 24 total racing environments.

UNIS is very excited to be showcasing this game at IAAPA, initial test results over 6 weeks have been very strong. Game is performing in the top 3 games in the location. UNIS is expecting to begin shipping on this product mid-December.

To see Ultra Moto VR in action, please visit the UNIS booth number 840 at the IAAPA show in Orlando, Florida.


Jetball Alley, the next generation of alley roller. UNIS has had Jetball Alley under development for over 2 years. Jetball Alley uses a holographic game play experience to create excitement for the player. Jetball Alley uses timed play in combination with unlimited balls for speed play. Jetball Alley was designed to make connected combinations of 3 or 5 to score bonus points. Jetball Alley will be available end of December. UNIS will have Jetball Alley available at the IAAPA show in booth 840.


To Tha Net is a new basketball attraction, challenging players in 4 stages. To Tha Net uses a 65” monitor to challenge a player in more than just classis basketball play. Stage 1 classic basketball, Stage 2 accuracy is required to increase points per basket, Stage 3 speed and accuracy are required to remain in play as the game reverses points for missed shots, Stage 4 is an all-out speed challenge to beat the score. To Tha Net can be linked for up to 8 players. To Tha Net will be available end of December. Stop by UNIS booth 840 at the IAAPA to try and beat this new attraction piece.


A spooky themed new family game from UNIS. Zombie Nights challenges the players to eliminate the Zombies in 6 different types of environments. Zombie Nights is played in 2 dimensions, video and mechanical. The players are required to aim at the screen and fire balls at the screen and also at the moving mechanical zombies. Zombie Nights has been testing now for 6 weeks and the earnings have been “apocalyptic”. Zombie Nights is proving to be a high earning family product. Shipping is expected end of December. Zombie Nights can be viewed at the upcoming IAAPA show in UNIS booth 840.


UNIS has developed a new and innovative children’s game with To Tha Net Jr. To Tha Net, Jr. will adjust the hoop to the player’s ability. The player selects the difficulty of play and the hoop will move forward or backwards based on the difficulty selected. This will allow younger players to feel confident in playing To Tha Net. To Tha Net game play consists of 4 different levels of play, beginning with classic basketball, moving on to 3 other levels based on accuracy and speed play. To Tha Net will begin to ship end of December. To experience To Tha Net, Jr. please make sure to visit UNIS Technology at the IAAPA show in booth 840.


Disc It is another new innovative concept from UNIS. Disc It challenges a player’s skill in tossing a disc. The player is required to pass 4 levels of play to compete for the greatest amount of redemption tickets. Disc It has been designed to be another game that can be included with the current carnival game theme seen in the arcades today. Disc It can be purchased as a single or as a pair for competitive players. Disc It will begin to ship end of December. Disc It can be experienced in the UNIS booth 840 at the upcoming IAAPA show.