By 2019, 20% of Playdium’s cash box income in the UK will be derived from the TouchTunes App, according to forecasts produced by the company. The calculation, which illustrates the importance of providing contemporary jukebox users with a mobile App interface, is based on current usage levels in the UK and the rate of take-up in the US where the App has over 800,000 unique users who are active every month.

Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales and Marketing Manager said: “There is widespread agreement in the industry that Playdium is the most advanced jukebox in today’s market. However, the TouchTunes mobile App makes Playdium the jukebox not just for today’s consumer but also for the consumer of tomorrow. I predict that by 2019 20% of all jukebox income will come from the phone App. Therefore, whatever jukebox operators invest in now must have a reliable and easy to use App and the Playdium offers the best on the market – the usage in America is proof of that. The UK version has been adjusted slightly but in essence it is the same App as is being used millions of times each week in the US.”

He added: “The evidence we have gathered shows that App income is quite often derived from new users. The pub business, is exploring creative ways in which it can connect with a younger market. Generation Z, the segment of consumers born after 1994, have grown up using internet technology and expect to be able to use it as part of their leisure experience. Our App does exactly that and gives the user total control, enabling him/her to take on the role of DJ and play the jukebox from their phone. This combination of smartphone and smart jukebox transforms the player experience, bringing the jukebox bang up to date in terms of what consumers now expect. We will soon begin working with our customers to ensure the App is marketed on site with the design and supply of branded POS packs.”