The home of MULTI GAME got stronger still at this year’s ICE. AMATIC Industries – the master of MULTI GAME – introduced exciting, new games. No wonder the AMATIC stand was so busy throughout the three show days. The new games included the titles ‘Billy’s Game’, ‘Flying Dutchman’, ‘Fruit Box’, ‘Grand Tiger’, ‘La Gran Aventura’ and ‘Vampires’.


Games are the key to success and AMATIC Industries continues to exert its leading position in the market with its MULTI GAME choice. The synergy between hardware and software – between cabinet and the games – the way of joining two very different areas of research and development together – is where the true strength of AMATIC Industries is demonstrated. The brand new AMAROX C24 upright cabinet continues the company’s focus on curved design – as already demonstrated in the very successful Performer Grand Arc (PGA) slant-top cabinet. The AMAROX C24 is available with either two or three monitors (as is the PGA). The AMAROX 24 completes the new, avant-garde design of AMATIC Industries’ gaming machines.


The entire AMATIC stand oozed style as the electronic roulette’s – the further pillar of AMATIC Industries – perfectly complimented the AMAROX and the PGA. The Roulette Grand Jeu is a master class to itself and has secured AMATIC Industries a key position in this market segment. New for this year’s ICE is the exciting feature of being able to play GO FOR GOLD. Players can place the GO FOR GOLD medal as a side bet on their chosen number and can secure this number throughout their play if they wish. (Naturally players choose themselves how long they wish to continue their side bet). This is a novel way for players to place their chance on their lucky number – this number is secured as long as it is set – no other player may choose this number as GO FOR GOLD. Should the number come up – then the player participates in the turning of a lucky wheel. The win will be multiplied for sure – different multipliers are shown. Landing on the Bronze, Silver or Gold segments means gaining the corresponding jackpot value.


The Roulette Grand Jeu can be linked to the PGA and AMAROX – so that players can participate on the roulette game without having to leave the slot machine. In particular the Grand Jeu Double – with two integrated automated roulette wheels – can be excellently portrayed on the PGA or AMAROX – as both wheels are shown on the same game and the player can easily bet on both at the same time.


Such an exciting ICE was the perfect timing to welcome an industry veteran to the sales team. Ron Babini joined AMATIC Industries on 1st February and so made his ICE debut for the team. He commented as such, “I am so pleased to be part of such a great company. After only a few days I already feel like part of the AMATIC family. I must say: the reaction from our visitors was overwhelming. Many operators have stated that AMATIC slots are just what they are looking for. The cabinet design and the games ensure that AMATIC is the perfect choice for any casino location. The opportunities abound and I am filled with positive energy”.


The in-depth jackpot, online and casino management systems – all developed in-house by the AMATIC team – rounded off the AMATIC offer at the ICE.