Nowadays there is a big variety of different promos from online casinos. There could be comp-points, bonus points, character customizations, free spins, social ads, cash back, double points etc.

Here in our Vikingheim ( we thought for a long time, sorting out all kinds of existing options, and also tried to come up with something new, not yet quite known to the experienced user. Finally! Here we are to represent you “Viking Coins”

What’s this? How to use it? What will we gain? What a hell are those coins? Where’s the exchange? When will we get them? When should I change them? And many many more questions… These were most common questions in few days after Sportster Ltd. launched Vikingheim to our customer support service.

We were ready for this, and also to the fact that novelties in the gambling industry often cause instant interest and immediately distrust. You can be calm, everything is thought out and debugged at the highest level and introduced into our online casino platform.

So, “Viking Coins” is our inside gaming currency + bonus points + pumped-up user skills + free spins + cashback – combined all together.

Players collect “Viking Coins” for each bet they make. Players are getting 1 Coin for each €10 bet wagered, including bonus money. The more people play, the more Coins they collect. And guess what? After completing, the Welcome Challenge players will unlock the Treasure Chest full of cash prizes and bonuses. Exchange gained Coins to real money cashback from Odin, free spins from Freya or juicy match bonuses from Thor.

At first, it may seem that this system is not so new, nevertheless we strongly suggest our users look at this from the other side, and that’s why:

– Our system is absolutely unique

– Players get coins for real money as well as for bonus money or free spins or cashback. Meaning that all the time that players spend in our casino – they get these Viking Coins and accumulate them for a better exchange.

– All Coins will be gathered in the treasure chest, which the player can open after making the first 3 deposits. During this time, he will be able to accumulate enough coins and exchange for juicy bonuses.

– Player not only relies on his luck in slots, he can also build his own strategy HOW and WHEN he can exchange his Coins. This is so cool for those who already have experience in gambling as well as for beginners because they can make it their own way. We offer to save Viking Coins. A larger amount of coins – gives the opportunity for bigger & steeper gifts from the Gods. For example, you can exchange 100 Coins and get €1 (almost the same way as in other casinos) BUT! If you assemble 10 000 Coins – you can change them for €300 instead of €100 that is 3 times effective now J

– Our loyalty system is built in such way that it works to help players earn more and more coins. Let’s imagine that player makes 100 Euro deposit and wager it 40 times (4000 euro total wager), in this case, he will get 400 coins.

– Different games have a different contribution. Among 2 000 games presented at Vikingheim, we gathered the most popular & effective & interesting games in which players can profit additional Coins. Please look after Super Promos and don’t forget to check your emails. Some games can bring you 1 Coin per €5 or even per €3 instead of €10. At this moment Viking Coins are generated ONLY in Slot games, we will update all about changings soon, just follow the news :)!

– Our 4 Gods: Odin, Thor, Loki & Freya take care of players. Especially for them, we invented 4 various kinds of bonuses that you can get as for real money as well as for Viking Coins. Play! Generate more Coins! Accumulate! Take part in tournaments! Open treasure chest! Win presents! Improve your skills & Strategies! Exchange your experience!

As it was told earlier, Vikingheim team are constantly tuned to please their players and connoisseurs of quality gifts with their great promotions and innovations in the industry. Stay tuned!