SoundNet is ensuring that all of its customers have access to what is one of the largest music and music video libraries in the world thanks to a series of update options which are being made available foc.

In partnership with TouchTunes, the world leader in digital jukebox technology, SoundNet is offering a series of booster packs and ‘catch-up’ discs for SNUK and Milestones jukeboxes, allowing venues to bring outdated machines back onsite and enabling them to re-calibrate an existing jukebox whilst it’s already onsite. The developments provide access to the latest music, software and customer engagement tools.

Commenting on the initiative, TouchTunes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, Toby Hoyte, explained: “Following the launch of our newest machine, the Angelina, we feel it’s important to lead from the front to drive the sector forward whilst also supporting the industry and our existing customers. The booster packs are the ideal way to ensure a juke is fully profiled and up-to-date so as to provide the best possible revenue and customer engagement.”

“We want to ensure that with any re-profiling we do, the jukes aren’t just given a basic update, but they’re completely recalibrated to function as good as new and are ready to go with the most current songs and music videos simply and efficiently. The booster packs and ‘catch-up’ discs are available in USB or CD formats and will provide a series of the most popular and best performing artists and compilations including Adele, Ed Sheeran, Indie/Alternative, Irish and Best Ofs from every decade since the 50s.”

He added: “Re-profiling is a great way to keep the sector progressive in 2019 by keeping jukeboxes relevant and from customer feedback we know there’s a demand out there for this. However operators also need to be aware that although conversion is a hugely positive prospect for some sites it’s not always the most effective option for those high performing sites. In terms of revenue, the strongest locations deserve a top-of-the-range jukebox to maximise on the interactive entertainment options which continue to drive the industry forward. At SoundNet we aim to provide options for every existing and potential customer out there, which is why in addition to our newest machines and booster packs, we are also going to be developing upgrade kits in the coming weeks as part of our support project for the full SoundLeisure back catalogue. All of these factions form part of our drive to ensure the industry continues to stay strong in a digital future whilst supporting the legacy of the jukebox industry as well as its customers.”

As part of its commitment to UK operators, TouchTunes is making the Angelina available either on a fixed fee or using the orthodox 18 percent of cash box. The fixed weekly fee of £13.85 per week, means the Angelina is available at better terms than the V-Hub which was launched in 2011.