July 19 at 2 pm Moscow time (12 pm London), the Slotegrator Academy welcomes everybody so wishing to join the webinar conducting by the company’s lead manager, Vadim Potapenko, on the issue “Fraud in Online Gambling”. The speaker will talk about fraud verities at virtual clubs and ways to deal with it.

Vadim will address his speech to the following aspects:
Types of fraud in online casino (hacking, using system’s vulnerabilities, payment systems fraud, staff collusion).
Who are bonus hunters?
What is a multi-accounting?
Ways to combat a cybercrime.
What should you do if you are a victim of fraud?

Vadim Potapenko: “In addition to the main costs for maintaining a virtual institution, it is necessary to combat and constantly minimize cases of fraud. During the webinar, I’ll tell you how to secure your business and what you should pay attention to when operating an online casino. In addition, I am going to raise issues on the main fraud types – hacking, multi-accounting, credit card fraud. I will also be happy to answer your questions within the meeting.”

If you are interested in the ways to secure your online casino from fraudsters, you are welcome to join a master class from the Slotegrator Academy! Register on our website.