A cashbox that on average is up by 40 percent across Pub Retail is, according to RLMS Sales Managing Director, Tony Glanville, the stand out reason why Novomatic UK’s Prismatic digital gaming terminal is the most talked about and the most in demand product on the market.

Launched at January’s EAG and subsequently shown in various formats at ICE London, the Prismatic order book is now full, with RLMS the only source for games this side of May. “We could see how well the Prismatic was performing on site and consequently took the initiative by securing the remaining production capacity that existed during April” explained Glanville. “The fact is that RLMS is the only source for the Prismatic running up to the FA Cup Final and like Cup Final tickets the demand is intense.”

Glanville confirmed that enquiries for digital gaming terminals has never been greater. “There’s no doubt that the market is more interested in digital than at any time that I can recall. Our job as distributors is to provide choice and variety as the core part of our offering at the same time as responding to trends in the market. The industry has seen what the Prismatic is doing and is responding accordingly. This feedback both in terms of the cash box, and the anecdotal responses from players, operators and licensees alike, confirms Prismatic is exceeding our forecasts and the expectations of the industry, by growing the cash box without cannibalising machine income.”

Key to Prismatics’ success is the content delivery strategy which draws on games created not by one source but five, comprising, Astra, Bell-Fruit, Novomatic, Innov8 and Harlequin. Tony Glanville said: “ What we are seeing is that by ensuring that the game content is fresh and different Prismatic is succeeding in attracting lapsed, and in some cases new players. The stream of new content, which comprises ten games per year to add to the initial 27 that are available on the Cat C pub version, keeps the proposition fresh and helps to maintain income. Already this year three new games have been delivered comprising New York, New York, Austin Powers and Temple of Osiris. The calibre of the gaming entertainment experience that the industry delivers is crucial which is why the Prismatic monitors are comparable to the standards that we are all accustomed to at home. We recognise that the we have to earn every £1 that players spend and Prismatic pays testimony to that vision and commitment.”