While aesthetic tech products may be hitting the headlines, Reflex’s Slingshot system is leading the charge in a behind-the-scenes revolution, making games development, delivery, machine performance and data analysis smarter than ever.

From flashy digital signage to high-end HD graphics, some new technologies are designed to hog the limelight, while others are part of a hidden revolution, working overtime behind the scenes to make life as easy and efficient as possible for operators.

Although Reflex Gaming is well-versed in both, their back-office software, Slingshot, belongs firmly in the latter category. With a name inspired by its ability to catapult operators to new heights, the software provides a feature- rich operating system that enables effortless updates and the seamless delivery of new games.

According to Quentin Stott, the founder and director of Reflex, Slingshot has not just been a gamechanger for operators but for Reflex as well, allowing them to compete at the highest level with other major manufacturers on the games development front.

As the firm’s proprietary operating system, it acts as a basis for all the company’s development activity, facilitating games design and delivery and enhancing the customer experience across all channels. For operators, meanwhile, it represents a future-proof solution in a rapidly changing market.

“At Reflex, we’re super proud of our Slingshot back-office platform, developed in-house to facilitate, for example, machine performance reporting, the updating of systems software and new game releases,” said Stott. “We view Slingshot as an ever evolving initiative and through 2019 new functionality is being developed to further benefit those customers already operating our digital products.”

In recent months, Reflex’s thirst for improvement has led them to add new sessional analysis features to Slingshot, giving operators a behind-the-scenes look at player behaviour and allowing them to track the impact of their business decisions.

As well as understanding how players behave during a gaming session, the back office provides an in-depth look at the effects of implementing alternative payment methods, giving operators the data they need to make informed future choices.

Discussing the success of the platform, Stott credits much of it to his chief product officer, Mat Ingram, who joined the company in 2016 after 20 years at Inspired Gaming. Under Ingram’s supervision, Slingshot has developed into a world-class platform that has recently been rolled out to a fresh set of customers keen to see what a more efficient back office can do for them.

“We have now opened up access to Slingshot to all our operational customers, both large and small,” explained Stott. “All of these operator s are now seeing the power of Slingshot and its ability to assist them, not to mention it being an amazing platform for us here at Reflex, too.”