reflex gaming

As the impact of this year’s FOBT stake reduction begins to be felt across the wider UK amusement and gaming industry, the independent games creator Reflex Gaming continues to deliver on its strategic development across both the digital and bricks-and-mortar space as it broadens its B3 offering via the Genesis menu housed in the state-of-the-art GamePro cabinet.

Commenting on the menu’s successful integration within the AGC market, Mat Ingram, Chief Product Officer at Reflex, said: “As a relative newcomer to the B3 market it is sometimes difficult for us to get traction in an AGC market that is already well-supplied by the incumbent providers. However, our Genesis menu and GamePro cabinet combo along with our highly-functional Slingshot ecosystem has given players something a little different and is continuing to deliver for operators. The effective removal of B2 games from LBO venues does “level the playing field” somewhat but the mid-to-long term effects of this are yet to be understood. Certainly, Reflex feel that we are well-placed to become a key supplier to the new B3 landscape and our development roadmap reflects this.”

While Reflex aim to maximise player satisfaction, the company also keeps operators at the forefront of its machine design and has been analysing the profitably of grouping B3s to enhance the machines capabilities on premise. Ingram continued: “There’s no doubt that our B3 machines perform much better in groups. This isn’t peculiar to Reflex machines, it’s just how it works. The presence you create by banking multiple machines outweighs the sum of the parts, and we have certainly found this to be true for GamePro. It is much easier to ignore a single machine in a busy AGC, particularly as these tend to be put on the end of banks of other machines or in a corner away from the main traffic. Banking machines also helps with the Community games as these are a lot more effective when the players are adjacent to one another.”