Quixant is very pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our range of Computer Gaming Platforms and Monitors for the third edition of the Brazilian Gaming Congress, taking place from November 20th until November 22nd in São Paulo, Brazil (Booth #1).

The gaming landscape in Brazil is dramatically changing and Quixant are at the forefront of the opportunity with our range of suitable gaming platforms and monitors, at a variety of price levels, each targeted to give games designers the scope to realise their imagination.

In particular, the QXi-307 is designed with the South American market in mind; high performance coupled with an aggressive price point.

In addition, the new middle range all-in-one, highly successful QXi-6000 will be at the show. The QXi-6000 is designed to support up to three independent HD monitors with Q‑Port™ connectivity and utilises a high-power chipset housed in a fully fan-less environment.

A selection from our range of gaming monitors will also be on show including the 23.8” FHD, 27” FHD Freesync and our 15.1” optically bonded button deck.

“The Brazilian market is a very interesting opportunity to our business” stated John Malin, Sales Director at Quixant UK. “We have committed considerable development resources to ensure we are at the forefront of gaming platform and monitor design for the region”.

For further information, please contact [email protected]