Quixant, the pioneering leader in specialised computer platforms and innovative display solutions exclusively for the gaming industry, will be exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming for the 13th year running. With its unparalleled global reach and expansive footprint, ICE Totally Gaming is widely recognised as the premier gaming event worldwide. Quixant will use the exhibition, taking place in London from 6th-8th February 2018, to showcase unique, hugely exciting new technology.

For 2018, Quixant will launch the “New Horizens” campaign with its most advanced products yet. On stand N1-520, there will be a first-time preview, to customers under NDA, of products incorporating the new AMD Zen architecture for embedded solutions. This showing is a truly landmark event, and is the introduction of technology that will, in years to come, provide developers with unprecedented opportunities to truly push the boundaries of game design.

Accompanying these revolutionary offerings, Quixant’s highly versatile current platform and monitor range will also be showcased. The QX-60 is attracting significant attention within the industry; a recent release that utilises a 3rd-generation AMD Embedded R-Series SoC processor housed in a flexible removable tray and backplane form factor. With exceptional 4K graphics and video performance, and continued support for Windows 7 and Linux, the QX-60 is a worthy and straightforward upgrade to Quixant’s highly successful QX-40 and QX-50. QXi-6000, a fully fan-less, all-in-one system that has arguably been Quixant’s greatest success story of the last year, will continue to take centre stage, alongside the QXi-400 – the most powerful, cost-effective solution for dual display machines currently on the market.

Gaming monitors and button decks are now an integral part of Quixant’s constantly evolving portfolio, with the company ethos of combining innovation and reliability clearly evident. A variety of tailor-made gaming display products will be present at ICE, including monitors with full frame LED lighting, “2-in-1” and borderless monitors, and futuristic button deck designs.

In addition to the unrivalled quality and gaming-specific qualities of its products, the company’s Gaming Ecosystem® – a wide-ranging suite of hardware- and software-based features, benefits and applied experience built up over many years – truly sets Quixant apart from the competition. Live demonstrations of Ecosystem elements will take place in a dedicated Technology Area, including SAS, Quixant VDR (a video decoding and rendering tool that dramatically reduces CPU usage), QxATS, a debugging and tracing tool, and much more.

“ICE is an event that is now in many ways less of an exhibition, and more a global gaming institution”, comments John Malin, Sales Director. “It is the perfect forum for introducing new technology to the industry – and in this respect, we are excited to be showcasing the best of what Quixant can deliver.”

For further information, please visit www.quixant.com