Following its official launch at January’s EAG and subsequent showing to an international audience at ICE London, the Prismatic digital gaming terminal has established itself as the stand out game of 2019 across both Category C and B3. With fantastic cashbox figures that were so far above the industry average and a growing order book, RLMS Sales took the far sighted decision to secure the remaining production available during April making the company the only source for operators wanting to take advantage of the game’s unique play appeal this side of May.

Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, explained: “The figures were and continue to be so strong that we committed to the production capacity that was remaining. I am of course delighted that we have been able to look after our customers in this way particularly as the demand has intensified even further. The feedback from the market is that a lot of the cash box is being derived from new and lapsed players which is a break through that every operator has been look for and is the holy grail of gaming. The fact that income is not being cannibalised from other gaming products is an extremely rare occurrence and operators are directing their budgets accordingly with Prismatic becoming a priority investment.”

With B3’s representing the engine room of an AGC and the number of games restricted by legislation, Glanville believes that operators cannot afford to make the wrong purchasing decisions. “In the lead up to EAG there was a lot of talk surrounding the high quality of the offering across all product sectors, not just gaming” he stated. “Consumers are surrounded by technology in every aspect of their everyday lives and as a result they want and expect the same level of entertainment experience. Prismatic succeeds because it replicates the in-home experience that people are accustomed to with the added incentive of being able to win money. What that means in terms of specifics, is more choice – which Prismatic delivers courtesy of a huge range of games, sleek contemporary design and gaming entertainment delivered courtesy of the best HD quality screens.

“The content delivery strategy, which lies at the heart of Prismatic’s popularity with players, draws on games created not by one source but five, comprising, Astra, Bell-Fruit, Novomatic, Innov8 and Harlequin. By ensuring that the content is fresh and different Prismatic is succeeding in addressing and satisfying the gaming entertainment needs of a huge cross section of players from every demographic. It’s these central factors that explain why the Prismatic digital gaming terminal is the most talked about, most in demand product on the market.”