Budde, NRM’s hand held ‘Open Platform’ architecture bingo tablet, has underlined its growing reputation in the market following significant new partnerships struck with leading independent games creator Reflex Gaming and the progressive development house, FatCat SoftWorks. The introduction of the Open Platform has given club operators the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of customers and games creators the enhanced creative freedom to connect with the bingo customer.

“An opportunity to reach a new and important player segment” is how Paul Slavin at FatCat SoftWorks has described Budde, following the release of its Jackpot Chip Roulette game across more than 1,500 handheld tablets. “For us, roulette is always popular and Budde’s open platform architecture is opening new doors which enable us to reach a vast audience of potential players. The positive relationship we enjoy with NRM allows us to deliver simple to play games that people enjoy on a reliable platform whilst bridging the gap between mobile, online and land-based. NRM has delivered a method of attracting players in a new environment: in my opinion it’s the perfect synergy of game, platform and philosophy.”

Highlighting the creative freedom provided by Budde, Slavin explained: “It’s certainly opened new avenues into mobile gaming and HTML development for FatCat, for us it’s the next logical step and has helped focus our capabilities in this new environment. The beauty of working with Budde is it’s simple and straightforward to provide the content that the market wants.”

Following the success of Jackpot Chip Roulette, FatCat is developing ShowTime Rainbow Wheels to be deployed on Budde. “The response has been really positive so we’ve bought it forward in our schedule,” Slavin added. “Our relationship with NRM allows us to to explore new concepts and ideas and focus on the key ingredient of creativity.”

Reflex Gaming, the leading UK independent games developer, launched its Lucky Gems title across the Budde open platform to great effect. “This has been the perfect extension of our broader content strategy,” stated Mat Ingram, Director at Reflex. “As a brand, we already have a number of very successful games for Cat C, B3 and B4 across our own platforms but extending this value to third party platforms is key for us and Budde represents a great fit.”

He added: “Following the success of Lucky Gems we want to continue to work together to find a sweet spot and develop more of our Cat C and B3 games for this sector. As an independent ourselves, it’s been hugely rewarding working with the team at NRM as their philosophy and ‘can do’ attitude chimes with our own. We look forward to developing more of our catalogue for this sector of the market.”

Echoing the power of flexibility with the Open Platform, Andy Bower, Managing Director at Inspired Technology Limited said: “Having assisted NRM in the early stages of Budde’s platform we were very impressed by their development team and the ease of integration for our games. We have an exciting roadmap of ITL content in place for Budde as we offer some of our classic analogue games familiar to bingo players, as well as feature rich games.”

“As the first provider of slot content for the Open Platform, it’s impressive to see NRM adding more and more developer partnerships to Budde and building on their successful platform,” he concluded.

Budde, which has been developed in partnership with Airdice, uses technology to deliver flexibility in terms of platform and content delivery. The system is customisable to reflect individual operator branding and has full operator control over tablet advertising. Budde allows NRM to offer a truly flexible range of tablet and software solutions tailored specifically to operator requirements. The Budde tablet is available on both Windows and Android platforms, has account based play and promotional credit capability, is available in both 8″ and 10” versions and delivers a fresh consumer user interface covering Main Stage, MCB, Slots, Bingo Variant, Advertising and F&B menu’s.