NRM’s status as one of Bingo’s most creative and customer-focussed technology companies, has been underlined with confirmation that it has completed the rollout of its dynamic but easy to operate Bonus Jackpots system across the entire Castle Bingo estate, comprising 11 clubs. NRM, which has been a technology provider to Castle for more than 15-years, starting with the National Game and progressing to Digital Link support for the group, began the brand oriented development process in the summer before moving to an initial pilot and culminating in the rollout which was completed in the Autumn.

Explaining the stand out features of Bonus Jackpots, Pete Fagg, NRM’s Business Development Manager said: “The system delivers a dynamic, operator branded, high visual impact product into any mainstream Bingo Club. From an operator perspective the system is extremely easy to operate and once the Jackpots are set-up, they automatically trigger during the session and sales data is collected automatically. For the player the Jackpot is simple, winnable and available throughout each page of bingo. The contribution to stake is completely configurable, with the system managing main and reserve pots right down to club Jackpot levels. If required, NRM can make the process completely seamless with full end to end stake management even including BACs stake transfer.”

The versatility of the system is a key feature, as Pete Fagg outlined: “Behind the scenes the mechanic and system are extremely flexible, enabling us to partner with the operator in order to target the prize levels they require, at win frequencies that suit the business, while still engaging the customers.” He added: “Operators can deliver Group (Linked) and Club Jackpots, across multiple pages and multiple prize types, customising the product to suit their specific needs.

“Castle chose to offer the Jackpot on four pages of the second half with other bingo brands opting to offer three prizes on a single page or a single top level prize across all eight pages of the main session. It’s not a case of one size fits all with NRM handing the control to the Club itself.”

Castle Bingo’s Jodie Davis is pleased with both the process and the outcome. She stated: “We have worked closely with the team at NRM for many years and it has been a pleasure working with them again on the provision of Castle Bingo Bonus Jackpots” She continued: “It’s important for Castle Bingo to keep developing the Bingo experience for our customers and the delivery of the Bonus Jackpot system has certainly helped us deliver on this philosophy. From the initial trial sites through to the full estate rollout I have been impressed with the delivery from NRM as well as the performance of the Bonus Jackpot System itself.”