NetGame Entertainment, one of iGaming’s foremost casino software providers, has released Fishing Kingdom, a cutting-edge multiplayer skill game.

Fishing Kingdom is a game that pits as many as four players against each other as they battle for underwater riches. A cannon is your weapon to begin the Base game where players must hit a bubble that contains a cannon symbol to earn Free Shots that boost your chances of bigger wins.

Once the Base game is underway there are a further four features for players to take on – the Pick ‘em Game, the Bonus Wheel, Super Laser, and the Big Boss.

The Pick ‘em Game and Bonus Wheel give players an opportunity to boost winnings up to x2500 and x5000, respectively. Successful players who reach Fishing Kingdom’s Super Laser will benefit from an incredibly destructive weapon that kills everything in its path as it has the power of 500 bullets in one hit.

Fishing Kingdom’s final mission is against the mad Big Boss who must be defeated for a big victory. The sinister-looking Big Boss once killed will pay players 600x winnings.

NetGame Entertainment’s Head of Business Development, Andrey Vajdyuk, said: “Fishing Kingdom is a real hook for players and offers a huge amount of excitement as they battle against each other for underwater riches. Those that make it through the various levels and defeat the Big Boss will be fully deserving of their treasure.”