Instance Automatics Ltd are specialists in coin-operated amusement, vending and redemption machines. Established in 1993, the company’s own brand Maxx Grab Cranes are entertaining to play, generating top income. This year at EAG Instance Automatics will be showcasing their new Maxx Grab Lite Crane – this is their smallest Maxx Grab crane machine with subtle colouring produced especially for pub surroundings.

Instance Automatics supply a vast range of tattoo and toy mechanical vending machines as well as an exciting range of ‘Prize Every Time’ cranes alongside being an authorised distributor of the Chupa Chups brand. Watch out for the fantastic Chupa Chups Stairway to Heaven, a must for everyone!

Children’s vending machines, are at the forefront of the Instance Automatic’s stand this year, new units being shown are Super Moto, interactive video vending, Fast & Win, an interactive bouncy ball vending machine, Fire Rescue, a kiddie ride with on board water game, Cargo Express, a kiddie ride with on educational video game and Deep Sea Drive, a 2 player kids’ video redemption piece.

Instance Automatics are official UK and Ireland distributors for UNIS Games, and there will be a great selection of their new machines demoed on the Instance Automatics stand including three pieces with amazing showpiece presence: Crazy Clock, a fast-paced one button game, Panning for Gold, and Lane Master, a video bowling alley that makes use of sensors to translate real rolls into the software.

A new range on the Instance Automatics stand this year will be a selection of retro machines from the 1980s. Dads of a certain age remember playing games such as Pac Man and Centipede in the arcades the first time around. We are predicting these retro machines will be winners in arcades in 2017!

Visit us on stand 830 and try some of the many brand new machines that could be winners in your venue.