The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) announced today that IGT has joined GLMS as an Associate Member. IGT is the global leader in gaming and a primary lottery-sports betting supplier with a strong commitment to social responsibility and responsible gaming. IGT is now part of the global association of lotteries, which has joined forces with the objective to safeguard the integrity and values of sports worldwide.

As a GLMS Associate Member, IGT will be linked to the GLMS visual identity. It will receive summaries of GLMS global alerts and will have access to our education and prevention tools, as well as to our Global GLMS information network. IGT will also adopt the GLMS Code of Conduct on Sports Betting and benefit from sponsorship and communication opportunities at GLMS events. IGT is the third lottery supplier to have joined the GLMS associate membership programme.

Commenting on this development, GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi states, “I have always considered IGT one of the best gaming suppliers, in particular when it comes to corporate social responsibility. IGT’s global efforts toward supporting communities and fostering responsible gaming in the last decade have been remarkable and I am excited and proud to now welcome them within our GLMS family. IGT has once again proved their commitment to supporting the sector, the community, and players. We look forward to having IGT on board and working closely with them with the objective of protecting our core values and acting as a shield against global sport corruption.”

Wendy Montgomery, IGT SVP, Global Brand, Marketing and Communications adds “IGT’s objective has always been to deliver socially responsible, best-in-class solutions, while respecting both people and society, and to drive innovation and excellence, while keeping gaming fun for all. The work GLMS does with monitoring betting patterns, as well as providing responsible gaming education to establish a culture of integrity is outstanding, and embracing such a global lottery effort is aligned with IGT’s culture and values.”