The stylish, large stand of the highest professional quality at the EAG reflected the position that GeWeTe enjoys in the UK. The UK amusement and gaming market is turning more and more to GeWeTe for change machine requirements.

The stand enabled GeWeTe to present a greater overview of the change machines it offers for all segments of the industry, such as amusement, gaming and sports betting. Whether operators wish to offer cash handling solutions for cash, CITO, TITO, bingo or sports betting, GeWeTe has the right solution for each application.

The EAG was the ideal setting for GeWeTe to release yet another innovation – namely the Cash-Center-Compact. This has been created to satisfy the demand of an economic cash-handling system, with the well-known quality of GeWeTe for the AGC, Casino and betting segments. This makes use of a 7” touchscreen and offers extensive coin and banknote change capacity. Ample change giving capacity is guaranteed with note dispensers that can store up to 2,000 banknotes of up to 4 different denominations alongside further banknote recycling capacity.

The Cash-Recycler continues to set new standards in complete money changing solutions. GeWeTe has set new standards for security, quality, reliability and service. GeWeTe UK is spearheaded by Mark Edmundson who has a strong service team to ensure that operators are fully supported in machine set-up and receive full training. Naturally the support team is there to help operators for any questions they have and offer on-site support.

Belonging to the Gauselmann Group, the entire product process from R&D until manufacturing and service is controlled by GeWeTe – this is just one of the many reasons that explain its international success.

Mr. Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe, looks back on the most successful EAG to date, stating, “We are very well established in the UK. We have proven our dedication with the local team here. Operators are well connected and the feedback between them on our products is excellent. Our customers know what to expect – it is not seldom that this expectation is surpassed. My thanks go to the UK team and naturally to all the people who came to see us at the EAG. We’ll be back again soon at ExCel for the ICE and look forward to greeting visitors here as well”.