‘The perfect jukebox for the pub sector’ is how Phil Boulton, Commercial Director Gamestec Playnation Group, chose to herald what the country’s largest machine operator is describing as a ‘significant order’ for the TouchTunes Angelina, a product which is setting new income records following its UK launch in October 2018.

Expanding on his appraisal of TouchTunes’ latest juke, he said: “I would say the stand-out characteristics of the Angelina are the quality of the build, the ease of set up both in the menus to suit the location’s requirements and the installation of the product. The quality of sound enhanced by the Bang Olufsen amplifiers makes the product stand out from the others. The aesthetics and backlighting also make this the slickest looking digital jukebox ever launched and will draw consumers to it. We’re really excited about it.”

Gamestec’s capital investment follows last week’s announcement confirming its support of the Prismatic gaming terminal and Boulton sees some parallels between the two. He stated: “Both the Prismatic and the Angelina are high-end products bursting with new technology that take the play experience to the next level.

“Capital investment represents a huge cost to operators but it’s part of what we do. There is always a temptation to sweat assets for as long as possible, but at the same time, we have to keep pace with technological advancement and ever changing demands in consumer expectations and match, indeed beat what the customer can experience within the home.

“Both Prismatic and Angelina offer these experiences, the bigger, clearer HD screens and graphics, the sleek looks and quality of the hardware and widening the options on how the player pays for the experience. If we get it right, which we believe we have through our partners TouchTunes and Astra (respectively), then we should also see a return on our investment for both our retail partners and ourselves, through increased use and enhanced cashboxes.”

“Music plays a great part in the pub experience and our initial installations of the product have proved a great success not just in terms of the cashbox, but also for the pub landlord and his/her customers.”