Always one step ahead of the game, FashionTV Gaming Group, one of the industry’s fastest growing B2B companies, has announced its latest venture that includes partnering up with reputable land-based casinos and creating FashionTV branded casino lounges that are available online for real money play.

‘FashionTV Diamond Lounge’, (, is one of the latest ventures in FashionTV Gaming Group’s portfolio and fully embodies the Group’s ethos of combining real-life luxury with the virtual world of online gaming, offering the best of both worlds.

This exclusive casino lounge franchise will offer a turnkey ‘hybrid package’ approach to land-based casinos, allowing guests to play inside the luxurious FashionTV branded lounges located within the casino and literally step into the world of luxury brought by FashionTV. Packages include bespoke branded furniture and casino equipment as well as lavish FashionTV design and décor, catwalks, FTV Screens and a number of other elements that bring out the FashionTV glam.

Additionally, this real-life Fashion TV casino experience is replicated as premium online games by means of high-tech digital streaming equipment. This dual experience offers casino lounges, and the casino that hosts them, an additional growth engine through online gameplay that replicates the glamor of the offline experience, all from the comfort of the players’ home.

“Imagine walking into a land-based casino, being welcomed into an exclusive FashionTV Diamond Lounge casino area and being invited to play in a premium FashionTV lifestyle setting. It’s a dream come true, you’ve got a catwalk, FashionTV models, dazzling screens and a general feel of glamour and fashion.

Decide to head back? Pick up just where you finished off when you get home, interact with the same live dealers and get the same land based FashionTV experience you had at the casino. It’s all about taking the charm of the real-life experience and convert that into a superior online gaming experience”, noted Aviva Banner, Head of Media at FashionTV Gaming Group

Live Casino is one of the newer fast-growing segments of online gaming that’s consistently increasing in popularity. Players enjoy the interaction amongst other players and live casino dealers, while offering peace of mind in knowing that they’re playing at a casino and with a brand they know and trust.

“By taking an already established and reputable land-based casino, and adding a new area with a look & feel of FashionTV luxury and excellence, we’re able to provide an identity that extends itself across both the real and virtual worlds offering increased value to our players and partners”, noted Aviva.

FashionTV Gaming Group, via FashionTV Diamond Lounge, ( , will seek to branch out its operations over the coming year, giving reputable land based operators the opportunity of offering FashionTV branded games, tables, and live dealers, as well as the chance to engage in a number of cross-marketing endeavours including FashionTV branded lifestyle events, tournaments, gala nights, international FashionTV parties and more.

“By applying a unique B2B sublicensing model to the powerful FashionTV brand, FashionTV Gaming Group enables software providers and operators to build and run their own FashionTV-branded games and websites, as well as rolling out a series of branded casinos, live dealers, sports betting sites, bingo, lotto, social games and other gaming verticals,” concluded Ms Banner.