Hit & Smash is a classic carnival game brought to coin op! Players must throw the balls and ‘Hit & Smash’ the mechanical bottles and every time a bottle is knocked down, points are earned and accumulated.

If players accumulate enough points and exceed the target score, they will progress to the next stage for the opportunity to win the Super Bonus prize. Extra points are awarded for ‘smashing’ over the smaller bottles – the more points earned, the more tickets (or bigger prize) that can be won!

Super Bonus prize can either be Tickets or a large capsule (90mm)

Link two machines together so players can work simultaneously to win the Super Bonus. Presented with LEDS, bright colours in a durable metal cabinet with storage capacity, this is certainly a game to light up your family entertainment centre.

Available as Redemption or Capsule vend.

Height: 264cm (Max)
Width: 103 cm
Depth: 248 cm
Weight: 260 Kg