New innovations were promised by DRGT at the ICE – and were delivered with overwhelming success. The fastest growing systems company in the industry introduced the latest new benefits – and these can be displayed on the slot machine monitor thanks to drScreen. In fact operators can choose between 3 versions of drScreen – the standard drScreen via the game screen, the 6.2” drScreenMini or the brand new drScreenMicro version on a 3.2” LCD touchscreen display. In this way the player tracking screen can be put to optimal use.


drInteractive keeps on growing. The DRGT technology enables a player to play on his or her favourite slot machine directly at their chosen gaming location. It is just as though the player is sitting right in front of the gaming machine – they are playing this gaming machine in the chosen location and no other.


The popularity of sports betting was reflected in the number of such companies exhibiting at the ICE. Indeed, drInteractive enables sports betting to be linked into the slot machine. Together with drScreen, the player can make use of both monitors and the player tracking screen – for example, the upper monitor to continue playing the slot, the lower monitor then to place the sports bet and the player tracking screen to watch the match. Players have the possibility to choose how to continue monitoring the game / sports bet. The natural move after having placed the bet is to continue playing the slot on the lower monitor and watch the game on the upper monitor. In this way operators no longer need to purchase a slot machine and a sports betting machine – DRGT’s drInteractive combines both in one.


DRGT has expanded into the development and marketing of table games. Three such games were on display at the ICE. The key element in these new innovations is that the basic table game – such as Black Jack and Roulette – does not change. These are additions to the standard table game – that can be played as a side bet or not played – that is completely up to the player. Blackjack 11’s makes use of the drSensor technology. The player chooses whether to play Blackjack 11’s by placing a chip on his drSensor. A player wins if the first two games come to the value of eleven. That’s not all – there are 5 combinations of the eleven. The Perfect Jackpot 11 is when the player draws a king and a ‘Jackpot Ace’ which is the only variation to the standard pack of cards. The operator can choose the combination of normal aces and jackpot aces – and so influence the probabilities of the Perfect Jackpot 11 being reached – more Jackpot Aces in the pack will lead to a higher win frequency with lower pay-out rates (less Jackpot Aces lead to fewer such wins but with higher pay-outs).


The second card-based game is called MatchMaker. Again based on Black Jack, the player can place a side bet to participate. The display shows a virtual deck of games and upon the game then a virtual card is display. The player has the possibility then to have three games of the triple – so the pair from the real cards and the virtual card on top. The odds range from 2 TO 1 (mixed colour pair) to 1000 TO 1 (perfect trip – three Kings all of the same suit).


Both Blackjack 11’s and MatchMaker can be linked to a Mystery Progressive – that can be a local-area or wide-area progressive. In this way, the operator can link these games on all his tables in different locations – so increasing the game input and the value of the mystery jackpot. This is triggered at complete random – the drSensors each light up quickly one after each other, slowing down until the lucky winner is found.


The third new table game from DRGT is called Roul8. A dice game is added to the standard Roulette game. Indeed the three dice each have one 8 on them. Once the wheel is set in motion, the dice are automatically shaken. Getting one ‘8’ multiplies the bet by 8, two ‘8’s’ multiplies the bet by 88 and all three ‘8’s`multiplies it by 888.


Mr. Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, explained the expansion of DRGT into table games as follows, “We began our systems focus on linking the slots. Our severless technology offers great advantages over server-based systems. Having expanded our connectivity to live tables, we have put together our significant operator and manufacturer knowledge in making the standard live games more exciting by the possibility of placing side bets. The drSensor is key to the success. The initial feedback from the G2E Las Vegas last year was so overwhelming that we decided very quickly to expand this division and develop new table games. This strategy fits perfect with our core business. We invent exciting new games and can connect them with our system and provide a Mystery jackpot over a wide-area progressive. Our drInteractive division is growing quickly and the sports betting on slots machines has aroused great interest. The number of casinos we are supplying continues to grow. Not only that – the number of casino operators who publically endorse the great partnership with us and our technology is growing as well. DRGT is very much at the centre of systems technology. We had more enquiries on the first day of ICE this year than the whole three days last year – and that was a great ICE as well”.