Germany has another casino to celebrate – and that with good reason. The new Merkur Casino Halle offers ticketing on all its slot machines and electronic Roulette/Blackjack. Players can cash out their winning tickets very easily – on the GeWeTe Cash-Center-Compact-Casino redemption machines. Furthermore, players can use the Cash-Center-Compact-Casino redemption machines as a bill breaker.

Tobias Hellbach heads up the Merkur Casino Halle and explains the benefits that GeWeTe offers, “This is a win-win solution for us as operators and for our customers as well. Our customers can cash out directly at the GeWeTe Cash-Center-Compact-Casino machines. They no longer need to go to a cage and wait in a queue. It saves them time. Indeed, we are completely electronic here in Halle. We have no cage in any of the three casinos we operate in our state of Saxony-Anhalt. That naturally saves us money. Thus, the return of investment is excellent for us. All wins up to 1,000 euros are paid out by the GeWeTe cash handling systems. Only wins higher than that are a hand pay-out. Our staff can focus more on our customers. GeWeTe produce excellent quality redemption machines – the Cash-Center-Compact-Casinos work by themselves. This is an extremely important factor.”

The GeWeTe Cash-Center-Compact-Casino cash handling systems are intuitive for players to use with their integrated large touchscreen. The process of paying out wins is done extremely quickly. This increases customer satisfaction. Casino operators have complete, real-time information and control of the machine contents. Merkur Casino Halle has installed two such Cash-Center-Compact-Casino cash handling systems.

Merkur Casino Halle was officially opened on Friday 23rd February 2019, following on from the soft opening in December 2018. Here 84 of the latest slot machines can be found – stemming from various manufacturers. There are 3D slot games available as well as diverse jackpot systems and automated Roulette/Blackjack.

Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe, comments on the important contribution GeWeTe redemption machines make in casinos, “In casinos where there is no longer a cage and every pay-out to a certain limit is paid out by a cash handling system, then the focus on quality and machine uptime increases. Indeed, it becomes essential. Casino operators cannot afford to have problems with cash handling systems. They need the best quality in the market – products they can rely upon. They wish to focus on the well-being of their customers and not on technical issues with them. That is why GeWeTe is the perfect solution – we have the right solution for every application.”