There was a buzz to this year’s EAG that took place between 17th and 19th January at the ExCel Centre in London. The SUZOHAPP team was kept busy on all three days of the show. This year will see the introduction of the new £1 coin and there were plenty of visitors enquiring about how SUZOHAPP is supporting this.

With the SUZOHAPP and SCAN COIN team together, Field Support Engineers up and down the country are supporting the ground staff. The interest in cash handling products was thus high. The SCAN COIN products were the focus for many visitors. With the new £1 coin on the arrival, there will be a new to sort both the old and new £1 coin whilst both remain legal tender. This has made the SCAN COIN DTC9 even more the ideal product to take as it has 9 pocket value sorters – so it can sort every type of coin denomination and both types of £1 coin. The heavy-duty coin sorter is built in strong metal and counts p to 600 coins per minute and sorts them into individual boxes (or alternatively bag holders if the batching option is preferred). Further SCAN COIN products on show were the SC360 coin counter and the SC8220 banknote counter/sorter.

Details were given on the very latest SCAN COIN coin sorter – the ICX-Active 9 – that is to be released in spring. Discovering a gap in the market, SCAN COIN developed the ICX-Active 9 to fill a void where organisations were limited in choice. The ICX-Active 9 is the perfect solution for customers who manage medium volume of coins but need the strong reliability and outstanding features of the ICP-Active 9. The ICX-Active 9 can process up to 3,000 coins per minute and is naturally programmed to handle the new £1 coin. It offers active sorting and is fitted with a touchscreen user interface to name but a few of the main features.

The Comesterochangers Smart Easy and Dual Coin PRO with a wide range of options adorned the SUZOHAPP stand alongside the IDEAL POS solution. As SUZOHAPP offers the widest range of components and spare parts in the industry, only a small section could be shown on the stand such as the BilliardPro and CompetitionPRO. Nevertheless, SUZOHAPP introduced a new Amusement Catalogue that shows the product range in much greater detail.

“It was a great show – and busier than we expected”, noted Mr. John Vallis, SUZOHAPP UK Sales Director and Vice President Amusement Sales EMEA. “We have all the products and service staff in place to ensure our customers can update the new £1 coin. Cash handling products were definitely the focus for this year’s show. We were particularly pleased about the great interest for SCAN COIN solutions”.