Romania has a fully-regulated land based and online gambling market, opened for international operators. Sports betting, casino and slot halls, horse race betting, bingo and lottery are very popular in the country – both online and in shops – while a new trend is emerging of Central and East European players showing a growing interest in online gaming and eSports competitions. As a consequence, today’s bettors in this area are shifting from traditional sports to cybersports and games, preferring mobile and desktop to shops.
Are Central and East European operators ready to grasp the opportunity driven by the trend?
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BtoBet is going to attend the Entertainment Arena Expo (EAE) in Bucharest to display to operators how its advanced Sportsbook, Casino and eSports solutions can help them to expand their business towards mobile and online in Romania and in other growing East European regulated markets.

Anticipating BtoBet’s participation in the upcoming show EAE, Chairman Alessandro Fried commented:
“Many East European countries are gradually regulating the industry and licensees need to be farsighted and quick to grasp the opportunity offered by the next-generation technology to run the evolution of the market. They must be prepared to maximise their profit when the regulation allows them to move to online and mobile, and they need suitable tools to provide players with totally tailor-made offers.”

Operators willing to discover how iGaming contents can benefit from BtoBet’s Artificial intelligence and Recommendation engine can book a meeting in Bucharest by calling +38975383786 or writing to [email protected]