Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, himself stated that this year’s ICE has been the best ever for DRGT. 2015 has started where 2014 left off – with great demand for the innovative solutions of this independent systems company. Expect DRGT to be again true to its statement of being the fastest growing systems company at next year’s ICE.


Within the space of just three years, DRGT has grown its customer base to over 500 casino venues in more than 35 countries around the world. The installed base has grown from 8,000 to over 30,000 during this time. This serverless technology that provides operators with precise and complete accounting and marketing data has shown to the market the sheer amount of benefits that DRGT provides gaming operators. Furthermore, the intuitive software makes it so simple for operators. This simplicity begins with the way the DRGT products are labelled. The ‘dr’ prefix makes it immediately clear what the individual products offer, such as drScreen, drAccounting, drBonusing and drCashless.


The widening structure to support international growth was demonstrated at ICE with the announcement of the opening of two new DRGT subsidiaries – DRGT Africa and DRGT Colombia.


This year’s ICE saw the introduction of the drScreenMini. All the benefits (such as accounting, marketing, promotions, advertising, television and music) can now be displayed on the small player tracking screen. This is an important addition and now operators can decide whether to portray this information on the slot screen (drScreen) or on the player tracking screen (drScreenMini) in the same brilliant colours as on the main screen.


Further exciting news related to the improved Multi Game reporting – all the required statistics can be displayed for all individual games on a Multi Game slot machine, including individual game play, pay-in and pay-out statistics.
Operators can benefit from the DRGT systems technology on their entire floor as drTable gives complete accounting information on live gaming tables.


“The feedback from ICE was truly amazing. Our customers often commented how pleased they are that they have DRGT systems. They know we are an independent company that focuses entirely on systems. Our development cycles are shorter and we are able to introduce innovations to the market at a faster pace. Systems offer great opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and we are constantly in dialogue with our customers. We were able to greet further new customers at the ICE. We continue to invest strongly in building our company structure as the founding of two further subsidiaries underlines”, commented Mr. Jurgen De Munck.