The latest Slot Summit took place in Berlin, Germany, between 18th and 20th April. This was the ideal opportunity for APEX gaming to show why this company has so much to offer the global casino industry. APEX gaming took front position as one of the limited number of gold sponsors. This level of sponsorship is a reflection of APEX gaming’s growing presence – with a range of solutions that cover all market segments in the gaming industry.


Two of these solutions were on display at the Slot Summit, namely the APEX Pinnacle slot machine with the EVO platform integrated inside and the iDROP. The Pinnacle slot machine is extremely well designed and the EVO platform has brought the APEX games to life with the pin-sharp HD graphics. Changing between games can be done at the touch of a fingertip and at the same speed. The games choice is clearly categorised so players can immediately find the type of games they are looking for. The iDROP is the cash handling solution that enables players to directly pay for chips at the live gaming table. Players can choose exchange banknotes, a ticket or the player card for chips directly at the table. Cashing out is just as simple as the winnings are paid out in ticket form or booked back on the player card. The makes it so much easier for players to move between slots and live table games. The iDROP is simple for the croupier to use – for example notes and tickets can be entered in a bundle – the iDROP then checks and validates each one individually. That provides the security that any potential fraud notes or tickets cannot be accepted. The operator has a wide range of benefits, including complete real-time information on the drop on each table.


Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming, reinforced the importance in investing in events such as the Slot Summit, stating, “European operators were here in force. We were very pleased with the reception we received from the operators. The number of casinos in Germany that have APEX gaming solutions on their floors is growing. We thank them for visiting us and our thanks go to the Slot Summit team for an exemplary event”.