Complete gaming solutions were on display at the APEX gaming stand at this year’s ICE in London. The highlight not just for the APEX team but indeed for the entire ICE was the iDROP. The iDROP is rightly seen as the ‘revolution’ for gaming as it unites live gaming with slots. Demand for the iDROP was incredibly high during the three days at ICE.


The iDROP is a compact cash-management unit that is fitted into the live gaming table. It accepts both banknotes and tickets and can pay out tickets. That means that players can go directly to the live gaming table to purchase chips or take their ticket from the slot machine directly as well to the live gaming table. Players wishing to cash out their chips receive their wins in ticket form. Players no longer need to go to the cash desk. This makes moving between live gaming and slots so much easier for players.


Operators have a great deal of benefits when using the iDROP: The exchange directly at the live gaming table for cash/tickets to chips makes the cash desk redundant. Operators have immediate information on the drop. Every note and ticket on the live gaming tables is checked and validated and securely stored inside the iDROP. In this way complete accounting control is given to operators on live gaming tables. All the chips remain at the live gaming tables – reducing the amount of chips required (no chips stored at the cash desk any more).


Dealers / croupiers love the simple handling of the iDROP. The integrated touchscreen ensures quick and secure operation. The bulk note entry on the banknote reader allows up to fifty notes / tickets at a time to be inserted at a time into the iDROP – the iDROP then automatically and individually checked each and every one.


The iDROP was in great company on the APEX stand. The Pinnacle gaming machines have grown in stature. With immediate effect, the Pinnacle 22” upright is now available as the Pinnacle 24” upright and the Pinnacle SL 26” slant top is available as the Pinnacle 27” slant top. The EVO platform has evolved to offer wonderful gaming on the Pinnacle. The HD quality brings the games to true life, including the 3D games.


The APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) is the fully electronic multiplayer that offers four table games – Roulette, Baccarat, Sic-Bo and Quikker. Customers can choose the number of terminals to fit – so this is a completely modular and flexible solution. Furthermore, the APS can be linked to three other roulette wheels (also live wheels). Another great benefit – the APEX slot games can be played on the APS and vice versa.


This leads naturally to APEX MOBILE SLOTS. New for this year’s ICE is the possibility to link tablet gaming to the APS. This is a simple and cost-effective way for operators to increase their player base for the APS. The APEX MOBILE SLOTS brings tablet gaming to casinos. APEX gaming even has a complete solution incorporating its iDROP for players to add and remove credit from their tablet.


Mr. Max Pessnegger, CEO of APEX gaming, looks back on an excellent ICE, stating, “Our company motto is to take gaming to ‘the next level’. The iDROP has certainly done this. The feedback on all our gaming solutions was excellent as well and customers also stated how smart and sleek the Pinnacle gaming machines look with the extra-wide monitors inside. We stand for complete gaming solutions with proven quality”.