AMATIC INDUSTRIES will be exhibiting together with its local partner at the forthcoming SAGSE ARGENTINA that will take place between 15th and 17th November in Buenos Aires.

Operators can look forward to having the chance to place the latest acclaimed gaming machines from AMATIC INUSTRIES in their gaming locations. Both the award-winning PERFORMER GRAND ARC (PGA) slant top and the latest addition to the gaming machine range, namely the AMAROX C24, upright will be on display. The illustrious ‘The Golden Dice’ title was bestowed on the PGA in the category Best Performing Slot Machine during the ICE 2016. The AMAROX C24 celebrated its premiere at that show. International interest and demand has risen even further since then which led the AMATIC management team to decide to invest in exhibiting at the SAGSE Argentina.

Being a pioneer of MULTI GAME, AMATIC INDUSTRIES has chosen the best of its games range, both feature-rich and fruits-based, to bring to Argentina. All games are designed and created internally by the AMATIC team.

In today’s gaming world of just a few large providers, AMATIC INDUSTRIES offers the independent alternative. Operators have many when dealing with AMATIC INDUSTRIES: sourcing extremely attractive gaming machines, MULTI GAME, profiting from new innovative products, dedicated sales and service teams, many years of experience, know-how and success and quick response times.

Now is the time to come to the SAGSE with the demand for the PGA being so positive. The team at AMATIC INDUSTRIES invites visitors to SAGSE to come and see them together with their local partner at the show. The curved design of the PGA and AMAROX C24 are setting new standards for an exquisite gaming experience.