The Estonian online gaming site TonyBet changed the life of one young construction worker from Klooga yesterday. The youngster won a whopping 70,000 euros playing at the TonyBet online casino placing a bet of just 10 euros. The lucky winner said he’s going to invest the money into his future, which currently looks very bright for the young player.


“It was by far my biggest win and I have never heard of any Estonian wining this big in and online casino,” he said in an interview after the big win. “It looked just so amazing and unbelievable! I had to check it many times, did it really happen. All the lines were full of money and wild symbols! Absolutely outrageous! I’m just in the beginning of my adult-life and I won the sum which is equal to a typical housing loan.”


The young winner joined TonyBet just over a month ago, however it didn’t take long for him to score the big prize. The lucky player hit the win at the “Jack and the Beanstalk” online slot, which is known as one of the most rewarding casino games.


He also admitted this wasn’t his first win as just a few days ago he collected a 1,800 euro prize at the same online casino. “I have never been a gambler and I played this game only because I just loved it,” the young winner said. “I started with smaller bets, then got some free spins and also won 1,800 euros at TonyBet last Saturday. After that I got into the “gambling mode” and started to make big bets. I can admit, I was pretty greedy at this time, although haven’t done such thing in the past. My final and lucky bet was 10 euros. I really liked to win big!”


When asked on how he was going to spend the money, the lucky player said that the one thing he’s not going to do is waste it. “I’m going to invest this money into my future. I have heard lots of stories about the people who lose their money after winning big, but I won’t. For me it was more like a one-time huge luck. I also suggest everyone to try the TonyBet Casino, because you never know when you’re going to hit that big win.”


Meanwhile the TonyBet Estonian representative Hannes Namsing said the company is more than happy to pay out big rewards as the players’ satisfaction are their primary concern. “We’re in the winning business, so we’re always happy when people hit big prizes at TonyBet. However, this is just one, although a really big win from thousands of others we reward on the daily basis. I can promise you will hear a lot more of our players winning big in the future.”


The Estonian-based TonyBet online gaming company is one of the fastest-growing names in the industry with a vast selection of online casino games, as well as sports betting events, live casino games and an online poker site.