Specilaist supplier and technology provider of the online gambling industry, BTOBET is delighted to be taking part in the Russia Gaming week which takes place next week, 7-8th June, in Moscow.

BtoBet’s expert will be on hand to talk to all CIS – East European operators about which technologies they should be adopting and what the trends are in the markets of Russia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe for established online gaming and for new product sets such as eSports.

The Commonwealth Independent states, and Eastern Europe in general, need a different approach to the gaming and betting industry compared to other region of Europe, says BtoBet’s chief executive Kostandina Zafirovska.

“In the majority of the countries in Eastern Europe online casino and sports betting are not regulated or face heavy restrictions,” she said. “Partly as a compensation, these markets have seen a burgeoning interest in online gaming and eSports competitions. As a consequence, today’s bettors in this area are shifting from traditional sports to cybersports, preferring mobile and desktop to shops. It is a factor that operators should bear in mind when they are exploring the potential for these markets, particularly so in the case of Russia where the government recognized competitive video-gaming, eSports, as a sport in 2016.”

BtoBet will give live demo of ready to use advanced tools that can help operators to:

Collect data
Monitor players’ behavior
Understand their preferences
Provide them with tailor-made offers

To discover more about the East European market, download the Industry Report “CIS -Eastern Europe, Gaming or cybersport betting? Opportunities and strategies.”