ICE Totally Gaming 2015 once again proved to be the highlight of the exhibition calendar for us, with three major new customers joining the ever-expanding family of Quixant users.
One interesting theme that has become increasingly significant as time goes on is the number of customers reporting an unexpected benefit of working with Quixant.

John Malin, Sales Director of Quixant UK, commented “Our customers have acknowledged the advantages of having games which are compatible with Quixant platforms. In an industry where cross-licensing of popular games is commonplace, customers who encounter games development houses which have Quixant compatible games stand to benefit from saving significant time, money and effort on R&D combined with the ability for their commercial teams to promise availability of content in record time.”

“This was not a goal we had set out to achieve, but more a consequence of more and more customers moving to Quixant platforms”, stated Malin.

The fact that games are now much more compatible with these cross-licensing deals saves everyone time and money; and is a benefit to the industry as a whole.

Our vision of one common platform may become a reality one day as our current customers take advantage of this favourable position they find themselves in, through choosing Quixant.

ICE Totally Gaming was a massive success for Quixant. Looking ahead to 2016 and building on the success of 2015, Quixant has applied for a 50% increase in stand size for ICE London, and a 100% increase in stand size for G2E Las Vegas 2015.