Five reel game is the ultimate sugar rush

Innovative slots provider Magnet Gaming has begun a roll-out of new content with the release of its latest title, Candy Kingdom.

The five reel game boasts two progressive jackpots. Players who pick and mix the cute candy symbols have the chance to enter four delicious bonus games sprinkled with prizes.

Pattern Matcher, Candy Mix, Cake Spinner, and Waffle Hill all lie in wait for those with a sweet tooth and an appetite for great slots.

A prize is triggered whenever three or more symbols line up next to each other. A basic prize is awarded for the first three symbols, and an identical prize is added for each additional symbol of the match. Mini games will be awarded for two or more Candy symbols (scatter). These do not have to be adjacent.

Head of Game Licensing, Thomas Nielsen, said: “Everyone’s a sucker for old school sweets and we’re confident Candy Kingdom will tickle the taste buds of both operators and their players.

“We always try to reach out to the widest possible demographic, and those who enjoy a sociable casino experience in particular, and we believe it will enjoy very good retention rates as a result.”

Magnet went live with an initial roll-out of eight slots, including the popular titles Diamond Express, Golden Pyramid, and Bank Walt, earlier this year before adding Auction Day and Space Gems to their portfolio.

Their in-house design team are currently working on a number of further games, including one which will make its debut at ICE, to distribute to operating partners over the next 12 months.

The company soft launches its games in its native Danish market in order to verify performance metrics and optimise the player experience before letting them lose on the international market.

Founded in 2014, Magnet Gaming develop attractive slot machines in HTML5 that are designed to deliver a great gaming experience on multiple devices and operating systems.