This company always places the customer first – and is being rewarded with strong growth

CasinoFlex Systems International is the new star in the casino systems market. Founded only two years ago in 2015, this company already has connected over 4,000 slot machines. This number is not going to stay still. Already the forecast for year end has been set to over 6,000 slot machines connected.

Just look to Bulgaria to get an insight why this company is growing so quickly. CasinoFlex Systems International is already the market leader here for systems. The reason is both simple and clear: no other systems company was able to satisfy the thorough and extensive customer demands and market requirements in Bulgaria.

Managed by both founders Tim Klok and Bas Baarbe, the philosophy behind the success at CasinoFlex Systems International is to provide an individual solution to each and every customer. The international casino is very complex and diverse and customer requirements naturally cannot be the same. The team respects this and does not even try to enforce a ‘one solution fits all’ mentality. On the contrary, each customer is managed individually and great emphasis is placed in finding out precisely how this customer can be best helped.

A casino system can create a new realm of opportunities for a casino operator and the team at CasinoFlex Systems International always ensure that each customer has the right solution to fit their needs.

“The casino system is central to any gaming location. Today this is even more the case. Governments are often demanding more transparency and direct, real-time information flow of land-based gaming machines. This applies both to slots and live gaming tables. There is so much our casino system can offer and we place great emphasis on advising and supporting our customers. We make use of our in-depth market understanding to create the solution that is both ideal and unique to the customer”, explains Tim Klok, Managing Director at CasinoFlex Systems International.

CasinoFlex Systems International offers a clear structure of solutions that can be combined together and expanded upon to create the ideal solution. “Systems are often seen as an expensive must-have in the industry. Let me say here that we are breaking the mould – we offer extremely flexible solutions catered to each and every customer – and that at an affordable price. Now every gaming operator can implement a system”, concludes Mr. Klok.

CasinoFlex Systems International already has installed its systems at casinos around Europe, Africa and Latin America. This reflects the ‘International’ in the company name. Further information can be found at: