APEX gaming continues its international expansion strategy. The introduction of the APEX gaming slot machines into Switzerland has created great player interest. The results from Casino Montreux have been outstanding.
Mr. Hervé Boisteau, Deputy General Director at Casino Barrière Montreux, explains, “Our casino can look back on a great tradition. Our beautiful casino is wonderfully at the east shore of Lake Geneva. We closely monitor our slot machine performance. The recent introduction of APEX gaming has brought exceptional results – indeed the long-standing performance has been consistently excellent. We are used to an increase in GDR when we introduce a new machine supplier. Yet this is different as the interest has remained – so much so that APEX gaming is now the most popular international slot machine we have on our casino floor”.
Casino Barrière Montreux has already integrated the VIP solution from APEX gaming – the VIP Premium Lounge, alongside the Pinnacle SL slant tops. Both types naturally house the top-performing EVO platform that offers proven games in pin-sharp graphics. “At APEX gaming we are not a company that stands still. On the contrary, we invest strongly in research and development and ensure that our in-depth market knowledge is put to use”, explains Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director for APEX gaming.
Casino Barrière Montreux belongs to the major casino chain Lucién Barrière that operates casinos in France, Switzerland and Egypt.
“The APEX machines are very stylish and fit exceedingly well into our casino here. Our players love the APEX games, notes Mr. Hervé Boisteau. “These results open the door for APEX to become a major supplier to our entire group”.
“These are exciting times for us. Our thanks go to the team at Casino Montreux who welcomed the opportunity to trial APEX gaming. This openness has paid off with extremely satisfied customers who truly enjoy playing on APEX gaming slots”, concludes Mr. Özer.